Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salon on the Death Penalty and Religion

Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas

The Southwestern University chapter of Amnesty International presents The Identities of Faith Salon Series. This event seeks to provide an opportunity for meaningful conversations on themes and topics related to belief, faith and practice. The Salons are designed to engage multi-faith perspectives and experiences as a way of deepening participants' understanding of themselves, each other and the evening's theme or topic.

The upcoming Salon on March 7 is on the death penalty, but deeper than that, we hope the conversation will explore how faith motivates, enables and disables social justice change. The salon "conversants" will open the conversation after the Texas After Violence Project (TAVP) presentation. The conversation will be set up "in the round." After about 30 minutes of introduction and opening conversation, the dynamics of the conversation will shift to include respondents and then all who are in the room. Refreshments will be included.

Monday March 7, 7-9 pm. Mood Bridwell Atrium at Southwestern University. See the Facebook event for more information.