Friday, January 31, 2014

TAVP in the blogosphere

As Sister Helen says in a recent interview with TAVP, speaking and listening go together when you are having real dialogue. It is hard to ignore the blogosphere if you are thinking about important contemporary spaces for communicating on all manner of topics. 

With that in mind, we hope the TAVP blog will extend the reach of our archive of oral histories on the death penalty in Texas, and so also extend opportunities for listening and for dialogue. 

Our blog hosts some features that supplement the oral history interviews with analysis and reflection: this semester, we've added a new series by interns from UT-Austin documenting their experience archiving TAVP oral histories, as well as a series where we share interview reflections by a range of individuals involved in the process, including narrators, interviewers, videographers and others. Audio and video clips will appear in many of our posts as illustration, but we will also have a dedicated series in which we post podcasts and short videos as they come available. Finally, look out for occasional book and film reviews, and for the First person series, where we'll profile present and former staff members, board members, volunteers, interns, donors, and other collaborators so you can learn more about the people involved in the work of TAVP.